A Complete Guide to Online Teen Patti

Talk about the favorite casino game for the Indian players, and all of them will say Teen Patti in unison. Teen Patti originated in India. Thus, being the most sought-after online casino game it doesn’t come as a surprise. Like poker, this game requires both skill and luck to earn big. The introduction of Teen Patti on the online casino has let everyone enjoy this game of cards from within their comfort zones. Many websites and casino apps have this game, including many versions that you may play for real cash.

Are you looking forward to playing Teen Patti in the top casinos of India? Here’s everything to know before you begin your game.

How to Play Teen Patti?

If you are new to the online casino world and want to enjoy this game, always begin with learning the rules. Here is how you can play Teen Patti.

Step 1: Placing Your Ante Bet

The game starts with placing your initial bet, called the ante. After this, you will receive three cards that are placed facing down.

Step 2: Play Blind or Seen

You can choose to look at your cards, known as seen, or play without looking at the cards, known as blind. When you play seen, the minimum betting amount increases.

Step 3: Bet or Fold

Each player playing Teen Patti has to decide whether to place an additional bet or to fold and stop playing the round. The players who choose to see must bet double the initial ante bet to continue playing.

Step 4: Show

The whole game continues until two players have folded. Once only two of them remain, a show can begin. This step includes showing your cards to the remaining players.

Step 5: Who Wins?

If you have the best hand, you win the whole pot.

Understanding Teen Patti Sequence

Before jumping straight into the game, you should learn various sequences involving this game.


A trio is the highest sequence you can make with three cards having similar ranks. For instance, three aces make the highest trio, and three 2s make the lowest one.

Pure Sequence

Also known as a straight flush, you need three cards from the same suit to make the pure sequence. For instance, A, 2, and 3 make the best cards.


A straight hand comprising three successive cards, not particularly from the same suit makes the sequence. A, 2, 3 make the best sequence, and 4, 3, and 2 forms the worst.


Color sequence refers to the same color of the three cards from the same suit. If you have a tie, the ranks of the cards will be compared to decide the winner.


You can create a pair of cards from the same rank. For instance, two kinds from different suits. Upon a tie, the player with a higher ranking card wins the pot.

High Card

A hand that doesn’t include three cards from the same suit or in sequence and no two cards with the same value is the High Card. You win if you have multiple high cards in your hand.

What are the Different Variations of Teen Patti?

You can enjoy the following variations of Teen Patti:

Card, Color, Bust

It is considered one of the most exciting variations of Teen Patti by many. The dealer distributes three cards and draws three other cards with their face-up on the table. The first is the card, the second is the color, and the third one is the bust.

Discard One

Under this variation, the dealer deals four cards instead of three to all the players. They can look at the cards and choose the best three as per their preference. They will have to discard the fourth one.


It is one of the most popular variants of Teen Patti, where the dealer deals with three cards for all the players. The twist is that numbers seven and four and the aces and kings are all Jokers.

4X Boot

The rules of this version are the same as the traditional Teen Patti game with only one difference. The boot value in this variation is four times higher than the average boot.

How Can I Win Teen Patti?

When you strategize and focus on the game, there are high chances you will win it. Get help from the below-listed tips and tricks to win big.


  • Make it a point to agree on the stakes you wish to play to sound like an expert. But always begin with low-value bets and increase them only if you have good cards.
  • For the initial few rounds, we suggest playing Blind. It will leave your contenders confused. Playing Blind also increases the pot amount.
  • If you are not confident about your cards, use the sideshow option from the previous player. The player having a better hand out of you two may continue playing. It helps you decide whether your hand is worthy of playing or not.

Where Can I Play Teen Patti in India?

Many Indian casino websites host the best versions of Teen Patti to play and enjoy with real money. Before choosing the site, read all its terms and conditions. Check its license to ensure you are playing with a responsible gaming platform. If the casino allows playing with virtual money, choose it so you can practice enough before playing with real cash.

Some best casinos that host amazing Teen Patti games for Indian players include LeoVegas, Casumo, Bet365, 22Bets, Betway, etc. Sign up with these casinos and let the fun begin.

Pros and Cons of Teen Patti

  • Teen Patti is an excellent indulgence that you may perceive to pass your time.
  • The cash prizes offered by the casinos hosting this game are lucrative.
  • Playing Teen Patti helps you increase your analytical skills.
  • You may end up becoming an addict
  • If you do not play Teen Patti on the right platform, there are chances to lose your hard-earned money.